Nuby Wide Spouts in Packaging

Nuby Wide Spouts in Packaging
Factory Sealed Packaging


There have been so many requests from parents who prefer glass bottles and jars, for information on using Nuby wide spouts on the smaller mason jars.  We decided to try this out for ourselves.  In the future, we will be making a video to make this easier to follow, but for now, here are the basics on how to use a bpa free, nuby wide silicone spout, on top of the small, green (or any color) mason jars.  Here is where you buy them.  This is a direct link to the product where you can see the two types and quantities.  We highly recommend that you only purchase one or two to start with until you are sure you know how to use these.  We do combine shipping and will refund any over-payment when we print your shipping label.  CLICK HERE TO SEE OPTIONS AND BUY.

This mason jar has the wide rimless Nuby replacement spout on it.  We shook it violently and held it upside down and it still did not leak.  Yay!!!

This is also the wide Nuby rimless cup as shown from the top.

Side view of the green mason jar with wide spout on top

Top view of the Nuby wide spout with a rim on the green mason jar.

Picture of us pressing the Nuby wide spout onto the counter to make the liquid flow out.  It never came out until we depressed the spout and made it come out.

Nuby wide spout without rim on top of metal lid.  This is the spout that needs to be fit inside the rim. 

This is the inside of the metal rim with the wide spout that does not have a rim.  You will see that there is a groove all around this spout once you get it.  You will have to make sure that the metal rim fits inside that groove and that you securely press the silicone down onto the rim until it is flat.  To start, it's easy to pull gently on the spout itself from the top of the rim and then work it into the groove.

Spout not leaking.

Nuby wide spout no rim, but has groove around the spout.

Nuby wide spout with rim.  Fits right inside the lid after pulling on it gently to make sure it is flat against the rim surface.  Both types work equally well.  These are in a very limited supply.

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