Nuby Wide Spouts in Packaging

Nuby Wide Spouts in Packaging
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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Nuby Wide Spouts - Using them on Small Mason Jars!

Using Nuby Wide Spouts With Small Mason Jars

Surprisingly, a few readers have found another use for the bpa free silicone Nuby wide spouts.  Apparently you can use the Nuby wide silicone replacement spouts with the smaller mason jars.  If you have any experience with this, please help out your fellow readers in the comments below because we do get lots of questions about this.

In an attempt to see if this would work, we tried 2 Nuby spouts that we have in our stock currently on our one small mason jar that we had at home,  to see if this would actually work.  We now have both for sale on our website specifically to use on the mason jars. You can buy them here:

Please see our page that shows the different views of the wide spout on the green mason jars.  It may be more helpful to you.

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