Nuby Wide Spouts in Packaging

Nuby Wide Spouts in Packaging
Factory Sealed Packaging

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Nuby Wide Replacement Spouts WHERE CAN YOU BUY THEM?

Nuby wide replacement spouts are only available online at this time.  The wide spouts are made specifically for the Nuby 10oz 2 Handle Wide Spout Sippy Cup.  These spouts will not fit any other sippy cup correctly to the best of our knowledge.  However, these wide spouts will fit some smaller mason jars which seems to be all the rage right now.

The spouts are made of soft BPA free, medical grade silicone.  They are easy to replace in your cups and you need to replace any chewed on or worn spouts on a regular basis so your baby or toddler does not swallow the spouts.

You can buy the wide spouts on Ebay by clicking on the link for the spouts on the main page of the blog in the upper right hand corner to see the selection in our Ebay store or CLICK HERE FOR DISCOUNTS AT UNIQUE KIDS BOUTIQUE.

Don't forget to sign up on the first page for the mailing list so they can keep track of your email address.  After 5 purchases, just remind them and they will send you a free Nuby wide spout (maybe even 2!) 

Here are a few pics of the spouts.  These are the Nuby wide mouth replacement spouts for the 10 oz two handled NUBY sippy cups only.  They are Made of soft, 100% medical grade, BPA free silicone.  These spouts are packaged in individual sealed baggies direct from the manufacturer.  These spouts measure apx. 2 and 3/4  inches aroundTHESE ARE THE REPLACEMENTS FOR THE TWO HANDLED CUPS ONLY.  Please measure the rim of your sippy cup before you order to make sure you have the right ones.  Don't throw your perfectly good sippy cups in the garbage.  It takes hundreds of years for them to disintegrate.  Help save the planet.  Go green and buy the replacements instead.

This first picture is the wide spout out of the package.

This picture is the wide spout in it's individual, factory sealed packaging which is what you will receive when you order.  Always make sure you wash your spouts in soap and hot water when you receive them.