Nuby Wide Spouts in Packaging

Nuby Wide Spouts in Packaging
Factory Sealed Packaging

Friday, September 24, 2010

Nuby Wide Spouts for the Two Handle, No Spill 10 oz Nuby Sippy Cup

Nuby Wide Spouts are now available for the two handle, no spill, 10 oz Nuby sippy cup.  These only fit the two handle cups and measure about 2 3/4 inches from end to end.   They will NOT fit any other size Nuby two handle cup so you will need to measure as the Nuby cups can look very similar. 

The Nuby wide spouts look like this out of the packaging.  They have one notch on each side and a small slit in the middle of the spout:

This is how the Nuby wide replacement spout is sold.  One to a package.  Sealed package.  100% medical grade silicone.  BUY THEM NOW  at in multiple selections.

The Nuby wide replacement spout fits this cup only:

Save our landfills by buying the Nuby wide replacement spouts instead.  You can get two spouts for the cost of one Nuby sippy cup. 

You can find other Nuby replacement spouts at:  and on  and  for discounts and coupon codes.

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