Nuby Wide Spouts in Packaging

Nuby Wide Spouts in Packaging
Factory Sealed Packaging

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Keep Your Toddlers from Chewing on their Nuby Wide Spouts

Many parents write saying that their toddlers are chewing on their Nuby Wide Spouts.  That is not uncommon, however, even though the product inserts for the two handled 10 oz sippy cups that these spouts fit tell parents to make sure their babies and toddlers don't chew on the spouts, it still happens.

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It's important to try to take the sippy cup away by diverting your child's attention to something else or substituting a teether or some other toy.  You can also make sure that the cup is used only for feeding times or drinks in between, but the parent retain control of the sippy cup.  If your child is permitted to carry it around with him/her all the time, it's more likely they will be tempted to chew on the spouts.

This happens with any soft spout regardless of the brand of sippy cup.  It's important for the parents to check the spouts regularly to make sure they are not getting discolored or worn, or have any tears in them.  The replacement spouts are readily available and this is such a short time in your child's life that having plenty of the Nuby wide spouts on hand is a temporary expense, but a safe choice.

The Nuby wide spouts are great spouts for your baby to transition from bottle to sippy cup simply because they are made of 100% medical grade soft silicone.  You can purchase various quantities online at .  Although some of the major retail stores like Toys R Us, Target and Walmart carry the cups regularly, the replacement spouts are rarely seen in the stores.

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